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MS Access that is treated as relational database allows splitting up and keeping information into multiple groups devoted to gathering related data and different tables are used by this database management application to store different groups. So, we can easily say that MS Access database holds collection of groups having flat databases.

Flat databases are recognized as standalone application. Listing name of friends and keeping entire information of employees are the examples of flat databases. Such databases can easily create with MS Excel that is also devised with the purpose to fill the needs for maintaining flat databases. Sometimes, users of relational databases like Access comes across the need of an Easy Converter for Access Data to Excel Sheet that is only possible with external application devised for the same. Access to Excel Converter of our organization is the viable tool to do so.

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Difference Between Flat and Relational Databases

As we discussed above that flat databases are not connected to any other application or databases and that is the reason behind why it is easy to create and maintain. In single flat database, huge information cannot be stored so, not any changes over there for confusion.

On the other hand, relational databases like MS Access are typical to operate as it keeps information in different tables and when changes are applied to the single table, you will have to maintain all the tables accordingly.

Those who do not have technical skills to manage relational databases and want to maintain flat databases will surely convert Access data to Excel Sheet.

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Access to Excel Converter devised by our experts and specially designed with the purpose to convert Access data to Excel Sheet with intact properties and attributes. With high speed, our software shifts multiple Access files into Excel format at single run.

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